Here's a selection of photos I took, with some descriptions. I like photography because it gives me a reason to be places. I'm drawn to shadows and hard sunlight, young people, and funny things. Some are on film and some are digital.


I only had one frame left on the roll when Parker and I met these girls in Texas at 2:30am. They invited us to the river and we went.


From the same road trip, Dylan fishing with his brother.

These guys missed dinnertime to show us their scooter tricks in Helena, Montana. 

MontanaTexas_R1_06 (2).jpg

Some moody medium format shots on the Malecón in Havana, 2015. I think I fell a little bit in love with all my friends on this trip.


Will, Owen, and Chloe swimming in Cuba on the 4th of July. Will dropped the bottle of rum in the ocean.

A darkroom photography class at NYU. My final project was a series of flash photos in the meatpacking district. I love how sloppy and unselfconscious everyone is.


Summer 2011,  I was 17.  Havana again, on a trip to visit family. Took photos of teenagers in their bedrooms. 

LondonII_2 (2).jpg

On a sunny afternoon in London you can always hear a pub before you see it.


I was so into these mirrors in the Madrid Metro. I made Holly stand in front of them.